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Bivouac Kasbah sable d'or

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Bivouac Dsert Morocco:

In southern Morocco, can not talk about the camp not to mention the camel. The camp is housing due nomadic inhabitants of the desert. It may be a single tent or composed of several tents made locally by the nomads. Below we talk about the main activities that the visitor could live in the desert.

'First, the camel is the only means of transport of nomads in the desert. Upon arrival at the large dunes, we let our landrovers to make a trek back of camels, accompanied by a nomad knows the area well. This trip, which could take place any time of day, we would either go see the sunrise or sunset on the dunes, or even spend the night in a bivouac (nomad tent) in a oasis amid the dunes.

From one of the Berber villages along the Erg Chebbi as Hassi labiad Merzouga or it could even make a trip to the back of camels through the day or more. A route that we can discover the villages of black, fossil sites and camps for nomads. Lunch with nomads in the desert is an experience not to be missed.

When it is a journey of more than one day, the camp is a place of rest and absolute serenity. Night from a camp in the dunes and therapy ideal stress. The music and singing Berber animate the evening while the night is beautifully marked by the silence and the night sky.

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